Vision and inspiration - trusting and manifesting - diving from a cliff with the idea and learning to fly before you hit the ground
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Home is a comfortability with naught but the resonating sound of silence as faces and animal shapes pass in a lyrical dance on the clouds above. It is the fifty-pound butterfly and the pine tree walking across one's reality many days into a vision quest in the Chama Wilderness. It is a gift of communion with that which underlies the forces of nature's poetic synchronicity.

Here, for me, a vision of possibility is seeded and the journey toward manifestation begins - to be continued on the city/village stage where people gather to blossom with varying degrees of hope and accomplishment.

The wonder of this Internet publication is the dream becoming reality in the concept of a community canvas; one among millions flourishing on Spaceship Earth.

Thanks for visiting, supporting, encouraging and participating in this publication/arts score from your corner of the world.

David (dwij)

dwij's vision quest

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We wish you well manifesting your dreams for family and community; contributing beautifully to the complexities of life's dance. The link that we all share is the intention to use our gifts - like many of you - to create harmony in our community and to highlight the arts as a vehicle for creative problem solving. This is our first step on the journey and we look forward to your participation as our community grows. Utilizing Internet technology is a new creative canvas for us; it enables the innovative and educational interests of all of us to be shared with you electronically.         Click for Site Map