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David Gittens, creator of www.dwij.org, is an artist and designer who choreographed this Internet publication as a community canvas. Dwij, the Sanskrit word that is the name of our publication, refers to "that which is in continual rebirth" - each of us on our special and unique terrestrial journey. It is also David's pen name.

Some of David's projects can be perused on the following link:


David's eMail: david@dwij.org


Linda Maree, editor of our publication, is a freelance editor and writer who has exchanged life in rural Pennsylvania to travel and write about the challenge of Life Changes and its effect on consciousness. Her series Etain is featured in our Pathfinders segment. Linda has devoted numerous hours to our publication and is the coordinator of the "Only Hearts" children's peace project.

Linda's website and eMail are:




David Grace is our fabulous technical advisor who has shared lots of "3 a.m. to the crack of dawn" mornings helping me to make less-than-nonsense out of this amazing technology called the Internet. David is the director of Abacus Web Services, a Florida consulting business that helps its clients use the Internet effectively and profitably for their businesses.

David's website and eMail are:



A special thanks to: Janet Guttridge - Heart With Wings, Charles Pope - Domain of Man, and Wendy Kay Foldes.

Your support and encouragement has enabled our project/publication to grow and to flourish!!!!