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It is a reflection of the rich talent, abilities, and possibilities that are in your community and in ours. The intention is to link up through dialog and projects, art and education, technology and science; joining young and old on a canvas of Human Potential that inspires creative action.
We are a startup volunteer effort and rely on the donations of our readers to underwrite our running costs and the community projects we intend to launch as we enter into different creative phases of community building.
As ours is a volunteer effort, the dwij.org sponsors link, shown below, is posted in a number of our publication's segments so that those desiring to financially assist us can do so by sending a contribution via Pay Pal.
You'll not find advertisements, pop-ups or billboards in our publication. There will, however, be a page that lists our sponsors and links to their websites where the services and products that are promoted can be ordered.
Send a gift to dwij.org
We seek the donation of a new Macintosh computer, printer, scanner and CD/RW. Contact us at: dwij@dwij.org
Writers of all ages are encouraged to submit articles on social commentary, education, health care, and the arts. We will introduce our readers to inventors and innovators of all ages whose creations are destined to infuse positive change into our community, as well as artists whose creations are conceived as teaching experiences, which raise awareness of conflict resolution and are cross-cultural bridge-building tools. A high point for us is connecting with others who are successfully exploring Community Art Scores as a budding Art Medium in the millennium. Let us know about the projects you are creating as, together, we've lots of resources and ideas to network and programs/processes to manifest.