A few years ago I experienced profound changes in my life that, at the time, were considered adverse and were certainly unwanted. From this encounter I realized that the "gift" of change has added a deeper and brighter dimension to my life experience. Rather than fearing change, I have found, it is essential to embrace it.

Etain was a Celtic Goddess whose name means the "Shining One." According to the myths she was very beautiful and, because of her beauty, endured many transformations that were initiated as punishments by women who feared her beauty. Each time she was carried away to a distant land to begin a new life in a new form. Each time, it seemed that she would not recover and yet each time, in the face of impossible odds, she did, never losing her beauty and her shining nature. We are all Etain. We all endure many transformations in our lives that we view as hardships, but even so, our inner core remains shining.

Accessing that inner core, I believe, is the key to regaining and retaining a sense of our true self. (What the world calls self-esteem.)  Often, as we enter onto a spiritual path and even as we become more spiritually mature, we some how have the idea that there will be less challenges to deal with. Not so. As a dear friend reminded me, when we become we

become focused on consciously creating the lives we want,heaven and earth move to help us fulfill our purpose. When heaven and earth move, we can feel this movement as upheaval in our world - the ground shaking under us, and the sky opening above. It can be scary!

My intention for this segment of Pathfinders is to share with you stories, essays, and some thoughts about change - what it is and how we can handle it. I think it is essential that we share what we have learned to help each other experience change in a positive and uplifting way.

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