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Dr. Margret Rueffler holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and is an accomplished acupuncturist, author, and psychotherapist. An internationally known teacher and consultant, she has also published several books and papers in different languages. Dr. Rueffler is the founder of the PsychoPolitical Peace Institute in New York City, USA and in Zurich, Switzerland.

"PsychoPolitical" is derived from the Greek words psyche, which means "soul" and politae, meaning "action." Together they express the purpose of the PsychoPolitical Peace Institute. Through education, research, development, publications and applied action they support change and transformation of individual, social, organizational and collective values. For the past 15 years, Dr. Rueffler has researched and developed the Psychology of Nations, a new active approach


Dr. Margret Rueffler

established, widely diverse cultures, countries, and organizations.

One of the most recent creations of Dr. Rueffler is a project for young people in the Anjar slum, which is located in the heart of Kuta on the island of Bali, called "Can Collective Violence be Prevented?"

This is a pilot project designed to introduce new perspectives for dealing with potentially explosive national situations. It draws upon the potential for human values and conscious choice to prevent the outbreak of violence.

Individual and collective values can be made conscious; determining both individual and communal choices, and strengthening an inner attitude of responsibility.

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and perspective on the prevention of collective traumata. These projects combine financial, psychological, and material help, as well as skills training for the community in need as a means to catalyze empowerment and self-help. Projects are based on the psychological principles of consciousness of joy, empowerment, choice, and self-help, and lend themselves to adaptation in