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The "Only Hearts" Art/Peace Project is an educational, empowering and fun-filled activity that is easily downloaded from this web page for use in classrooms, after-school programs, and in homes.

If you are encouraged by this project please share it with others and assist us in launching a truly expressive arts score that crosses all borders; expressing a truth about the most basic rights of our humanness from those who will inherit the future with . . .Peace, Dignity and Free Will

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Dear people of peace. Peace is a way of showing the love and freedom we would like everyone to have. We celebrate the wonders of peace and love and recognize all the love and peace around the world. May your life be filled with peace and prosperity.     —Justin Werther

At the left is the "Only Hearts" template Alicia began her painting on when she and her classmates embarked on their arts project. After completing her painting, pictured on the right, Alicia and her classmates went on to the next segment of this arts project: writing on the back of their painting a couple of sentences about "what peace means to me" or " what I'll do to make peace a reality in my life." Alicia wrote the following:

If everyone would treat each other equally and live in harmony we wouldn't have any wars or fights. All you have to do is to treat people around you the way you want to be treated and you will make a big difference.  —Alicia Beinz

Step One . . . For Parents, Teachers, and Participants

"Only Hearts" begins easily and all in the community are invited to participate in the following way:

The Heart Shape that you download will print out on 8.5" X 11" paper. Within the confines of the Heart Outline participants are asked to illustrate their vision of "What A Peaceful World Looks Like To Me" using crayons, craypaw, or paints. On the reverse side students are asked to write a sentence or paragraph about their thoughts on peace or about "How I Will Make Peace A Reality In The World."

Once the art and writing projects are completed it's time to creatively discover the many ways in which their art can be displayed and featured in informative and educational ways. Whether in small study circles, in larger groups in classrooms, as an afterschool project, or at home, the fun, discovery and endless possibilities are just beginning to open doorways.   

I will plant a lot of flowers. I will be kind to others so they will be kind to others too.
 —Breanna Alba

Step Two . . . Presentation

There are many ways to take "Only Hearts" art to the next level in your school, community center, or home. For example: Creating a play, a skit, a game, making a video, incorporating it in lesson plans, or making a craft.    Click on Katie's heart and see what her community created.

Peace to me means NO WAR!  To me the colors of peace are blue, purple, pink, green, orange and yellow.    —Katie Billingsley

Step Three . . . Exhibiting - Be Creative!

For our project we chose 1,500 hearts and created a large outdoor arena in Sarasota Florida's Phillippi Estate Park. Many events took place in the arena and everyone was surrounded by the "Peace" visions and ideas of our children. We rented the tallest, 40' high, heart balloon in North America as our centerpiece and featured a marathon reading of the children's writings. Music, poetry, dancing, meditation, and a prayer vigil also happened in our arena.

Well, you could start Rainforest preservation programs with friends. It might save many rainforests all around the world.   —Stephen Phillips

Step Four . . . Linking with others?

If you'd like to link-up with folks in different communities around the US, or abroad, who are using "Only Hearts" as an educational, service oriented arts presentation, eMail us for information at: Info@dwij.org   We're planning an exhibit featuring youngsters from many countries.

This picture shows how everything is so beautiful and it makes you feel like the wind is pushing against you.  —Lindsey Flugner

Step Five . . . Know that this is an awesome experience for youngsters!!!!

A suggestion for teachers,parents, and facilitators is to use the downloaded template as a master. Make copies on white card stock as these will be more durable. We went a step further and laminated our hearts once the students had finished the art/writing segment; they are longer lasting and have been loaned to others for their events. Template packs of 100 and 500 are available.

I chose to draw peace as a flower. Like a flower, peace is beautiful. But, also like a flower, it is fragile. Peace can be destroyed by parasites like war and anger. I hope that in the 21st century peace will be in full bloom.   —Tracy King

Step Six . . . Download and CREATE a Canvas of PEACE

Step Seven . . . Let us know how your project is going!

We look forward to assisting you in creating a memorable experience for young people -and older folks too - in your neighborhood of Spaceship Earth. We CAN ALL embrace the world with Heart!

Your ideas and suggestions on the ways we can improve our "Only Hearts" project, and enhance the possibility of contributing toward peacemaking in an artistic, educational, and heartfelt way, is important to us.

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Peace is loving with a reason • Peace is living with care • Peace is healing • Peace is surrounding us with an open heart and Peace ends the violence and wars in our society.     —Nikky Welch


The "Only Hearts" art/peace project has been used by thousands of participants around the world; linking with others who are weaving a global matrix of peace and conciliation. "Hearts Around the World" is our vision for an ongoing exhibit that reflects this intention.

Click the link below to financially support this project and the work of our volunteer Internet publication:

Sarasota 2K's "Only Hearts"
art/peace project was created by Dwij David Gittens in December of 1999. It was coordinated for the two-day millennium celebration by: Allison Knapp, Arlene & Ron Morris • Cameron Icard • Iris • Janet Guttridge • Linda Maree • Rosemary & John Cannon • Wendy Foldes • Zan Benham • Cyndi Flanagan, photos • Laszlo, Setup • Pete Wenner, Dir. Phillippi Estate Park • The Players Theater • Fogt's Music • Florida Studio Theatre, and many Parents and Friends.

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