Out of Egypt: Embracing the Roots of Western Theology

By Historian and Scholar Ahmed Osman

- with overview and comments by contributing scholars -
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 To Begin:   An Introduction to the History of Western Theology
Lecture # 1            The Exodus in Egyptian Sources
Lecture # 2            The Ten Commandments and the Book of the Dead
Lecture # 3             Who Was Joseph?    Mummy of Joseph The Patriarch in Cairo Museum
                                Tracy King                                  Reflection
Lecture # 4             The Mystery of Akhenaten's Empty Tomb
Lecture # 5             A Military Coup Puts Tutankhamun on the Throne
Lecture # 6             Transfiguration on the Holy Mount of Sinai
                               Taylor Mattson                           Reflection
Lecture # 7             Tutankhamun and the Trinity of Christ
Lecture # 8              Christian Roots in the Alexandrian Cult of Serapis
Lecture # 9              Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son
                                Jessie Gardner                             Reflection
Lecture # 10            Moses and Akhenaten - One and The Same Person
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