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To understand and appreciate the history and impact of western theological thought in the light of new discoveries is to embrace an awakening that comes from a studied look into the "not too distant history" of the Middle East. It frees us from the shackles of a programmed psyche to savor the elixir of a new, rediscovered, truth. More simplistic then a perceptual shift, the journey that we embark on is a scientific exploration of great depth. We invite our visitors to enter into a dialog that identifies the dynamics and roots of historic misinformation, correcting the record, and seek a resolution that is a win-win for all.

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t is the dawn of the twenty-first century and change is occurring at a blitzing pace on Spaceship Earth. Pictured at the left is the sector of investigation and research that we have been charged with: the far northeastern tip of Africa and the Sinai peninsula. Here, in the womb of civilization, the roots of western monotheistic religious thought was born in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. A new religious philosophy flourished, then vanished in a crescendo of destruction that erased the stories of powerful families who built political and theological alliances of power, wealth and religious dominance. Their story impacts us to this day!

e are truly travelers on a voyage from the future into the past and, in the same moment, are culturally impacted by misrepresented belief systems that are a disservice to a humanity on threshold of celestial exploration and travel. We are also awakening to the knowledge that visitors with links to other star systems also share our terrain.

This is one story among many that will open your heart, mind, and psyche. It redefines history and sheds light on the forces that shape belief systems as a web of historical misinformation is unraveled. Most importantly, it underscores the journey towards reconciliation and rekindled knowledge on our pathway to the future.

Guided by scholars, we'll review and discuss many of the scientific discoveries concerning Egypt's 18th Dynasty and the profound impact of the Amarna Kings on the origin of western religious thought!
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