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Link to: Rare footage - Maiden flight of Ikenga 530Z

Ikenga Autogyro development was my creative focus from 1984 through 1994. The catalyst for my flying sculptures was a meeting with Wing Commander Ken Wallis, designer of James Bond's Little Nellie autogyro, in 1965 while on a photography assignment for Queen magazine in England.

Autogyros sparked my interest and soon afterwards I was commissioned to create conceptual drawings for a five passenger autogyro to be built in Blackpool. Designs for modular autogyros followed as did a very exciting project: creating a minimal structure airborne residence based on lighter then air technology - akin to a floating Yogi abode. Flight remains a metaphor, to me, for the soaring of Spirit. I'm thankful to Shobahn Gradenwitz for underwriting aircraft #1, and to Ken, George Hinson-Rider, Mark Hallett
, Igor Benson, Bill Parsons, Ed Alderfer, and Richard Bentley for giving support and technical guidance to the dream.   

Note: Cygnus 21TX and E.Z. Bird Autogiro's are available to collectors/museums.       Contact:  

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