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Maiden Flight of Ikenga 530Z

IKENGA Autogyro - Santa Fe, NM

The Ikenga aircraft project was inspired by the vision of building kit-assembeled, minimal structure, STOL aircraft for utility use in underdeveloped countries: aerial surveying, border patrol, cattle herding, commuting, crop spraying, flying doctors, and pipeline inspection were some of the targeted applications. Recreational and Sports flying in the U.S. was also a marketing goal. The Cygnus 21T Autogyro was used to evaluate video down-link hardware for covert intelligence gathering while the Cygnus 21TX was designed for medical use.

A foundation stone for my vision was that Ikenga be used as a test bed for alternative power systems to the two-stroke fossil fuel engine, to evaluate the latest developments in low-speed rotor and air fan technology, and to embrace a worthwhile creative objective.  Future designs were destined to be an entry point into "flight suit" technology:  swift miniature ships featuring advanced composites that are molded to the body size of each pilot. This is still an applicable concept for personal flight!

The Ikenga 530Z autogyro is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Its awards include: Grand Champion Rotorcraft, 1988 Albuquerque International Air Show; Best New Rotorcraft Idea, 1988 PRA Rotorcraft Convention; Reserve Grand Champion, 1988 EAA International Air Convention. The Cygnus autogyros won the Grand Champion Award at the 1989 and 1990 Albuquerque International Air Shows.


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