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Welcome to this overview of my creative projects, many of which were undertaken in different parts of the world where the pendulum has often swung between aboriginal villages, a sojourners Walkabout, and corporate/government boardrooms. This introduction will show some of my interests, which are funneled through the lens of this Internet publication (Home Page), and the development/artistry of my 23-string, Dwij Veena, guitar creations. I will look forward to collaborating or consulting with you on projects or programs that you are developing.

Contact - David Gittens/Dwij at:

Music/Video links to thirty themes celebrating life on the four seasonal thresholds


Earth: The Altar: Autumn 2018

Spirit Doll - The Awakening: Summer 2018

Parkland 17 - the Shift: Spring 2018

Retrieval: Winter 2017

Queen of Doves: Summer 2017

The Transcedent Function: Spring 2017

Reverence: Winter 2016

Dharma: Autun 2016

The Tower & The Star
: Summer 2016

Sweet Fruit of Stillness: Spring 2016


Legacy: Winter 2015

Only Hearts: Autumn 2015

∞ Chrysalis: Summer 2015

Be Your Light: Spring 2015

The Infant Oracle: Winter 2014

Metamorphosis: Autumn 2014

YOU: Summer 2014

Namaste - Spheres of Reticuli:  Spring 2014

Green Tara - Siblings of Destiny: Winter 2013

Imagine - Awakening:  Autumn 2013


Devi & Guy - Attunement:  Summer 2013

The Homecoming: Autumn 2012

Prana: Summer 2012

Elements:  Spring 2012

Hathor - Nada/Akashic:  Autumn 2011

Hello NOW Goodbye: Spring 2011

Jacob's Ladder: Winter 2010

Karabu:  Autumn 2010

Awaken Tiamat:   Summer 2010

Gratitude:   Spring 2010


Design and Styling

Gyro 2000, Santa Fe, NM USA:

        Rare First Flight Video

The award winning Ikenga line of Autogyro's were conceived and developed by David Gittens in the 1980s as kit assembled aircraft. The objective was to market these aircraft for utility applications in the United States and also for applications in Third World countries,. They were also targeted to the sports recreation market in the US, Japan, and Europe

Ikenga Motorcars, London, England:

Ikenga design group highlighted David Gittens concept, design, and prototype development of experimental high performance GT motorcars, micro-sized inner-city vehicles, and single seat transporters powered by gas and electric motors. All were test beds for electronic and mechanical innovation; some of which preceeded the conventional auto industry by two decades.

EZ Bird Paramotor, Santa Fe USA:

Entry level minimal structure low speed aircraft designed as minimal cost, easy to assemble sports and recreation vehicles. This aircraft can be transported on the roof of a automobile, utilizes a parasail as its wing, and is powered by a 35hp two-stroke engine.

Complex-D, London, England

Acrylic products and furniture design. The centerpeice of this program were a voice actuated and electronically driven robotic furniture modules that responded to the voice; each module carrying different computer hardware at a time in the 1960s when computers were cumbersome. The prototype for this series was featured in the Dr. Who television series as the desk of the main character..

Playtoy/Storage Modules:

Grant from the State of California to design kit-built playtoy modules and storage units for Mendocino county preschools and elementary schools .

23 foot Catamaran: USA

The Ikenga/BRR, marine ply and composite prototype catamarin, was powered by a 50hp outboard motor. It was designed and built in Mendocino, California in the mid-1970s. Measuring twenty three feet in length with a twelve foot beam, it featured a nine by twelve foot cabin, outdoor deck, and F-104 wing tanks for flotation. Conceived, designed and built to be marketed as a kit assembled houseboat using recycled materials, the project was completed with support from the US Navy Almeda California Air Station staff and the staff of both Mendocino High School, Mendocino Middle School, and local businesses.
Naran Hak, Korea:

The concept, ideation, and design of this two person, side by side, Autogyro was commissioned by a Korean multinational for assembly in Asia.  To be powered by a Arrow or Hirth aircooled engine, the aircraft featured a prerotator for jump takeoff. Naran Hak was targeted towards worldwide distribution and sales as a kit built aircraft.

Solarwind, Mendocino, CA USA:

Living above the Earth, Solarwind is a proof-of-concept design probe for a minimal structure, Suzuki powered, semi-rigid dirigible visioned as a flying and living environment. It was to be constructed and tested in Mendocino, California. The aircraft featured a twelve-foot diameter living space . . . fondly refered to as a yogi nest.

Zip, Albuquerque, NM USA:

Concept and development of a minimal structure, friction drive, hand portable inner city vehicle. The Scootboard project featured both petrol and electric vehicles and the prototypes were debuted at the 1984 International Bike Show at New York's Coliseum.

Dwij Veena, USA:

Design and development of twenty-two and twenty-three stringed fretless guitars that are inspired by the Sarode, an Afgani and Northern Indian instrument made popular in the west by maestro Ali Akbar Khan.
The Talisman CD is my first recording of this instrument which you can hear on this link: dwij-music

Manatee, USA:

Manatee is a proof of concept minimal structure gas and electric trike designed for short range and inner city commuting. New technology, the compressed air motor and 250mpg gas engines as power sources, offer great breakthroughs. I am seeking R&D start-up investment for prototype development.

Scootboard, NY and NM, USA:

1984 Scootboard video

Design and manufacturing of hand-portable gas and electric motorized scooters as an alternative for inner city commuting. Created as a transportation solution to the 1980 NYC transit strike, and manufactured in Santa Fe, NM, Scootboard was featured in a March 26, 1984 issue of The New Yorker magazine titled "On The Street."

Children's Furniture, NM, USA:

Concept and Design: A series of unique automobile styled children's furniture created for national distribution by an Albequerque, New Mexico based manufacturing group. The series featured the re-creation of popular American cars as beds, night tables, and bureaus; models and styles were created for boys and girls.

Photography and Graphics
New York - London - Milan

Photography studio servicing clients in the United States, England and Europe including Celanese, The British Milk Board, BOAC, Marks & Spencer Group, Vauxhall Automobile Company, BMC Automobile Group, Trivera, Austin Reed, Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, Women's Own, Revlon, Westminister Bank, ICI Fibers, British Eagle, Car & Driver, General Electric Corp., London Times Publication, Jaguar Automobile Group, and Ford Motor Company.

Paintings: Inspirational Art

Water colors and pen and ink original art and limited editions. These powerful and insightful visuals, a journey into the world of visionary and inspirational art, open the heart and mind to the wonder of the mystical realm and other dimensions of the psyche.


Advertising, graphics, and illustration for a wide array of clients including the Interpublic Group, J. Walter Thompson, Grey Advertising, The New York Visitor and Convention Bureau, The Long Walk, International Women's Day, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, and Ford Motor Corp, UK.
Commissions includes graphic design and illustrations for books, magazines, poster art, CD art, and concept ideation and development for film and digital video projects. 


Creative Consultant:

Servicing businesses requiring renewed, and visually impactful corporate image, logo design, ad campaigns, television spots, and PSA's.
Working with a creative team that includes art, copy writing, and marketing specialists assures success in the targeted market.

Website Design:

Consulting, ideation, design and development of websites and online marketing assistance. As the publication of has connected us with many talented designers and, IT professionals, we are able to bring together an impressive team to develop beautiful and impactful web marketing tools for you and your project(s).



Internet Publication:

www.dwij.orgThe concept for our Internet magazine is an outgrowth of Sarasota 2K, a two-day millennium presentation on December 30th / 31st., 1999 at Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota, Florida.

The publication reflects my vision and intention to launch a community based educational website with a focus on networking as a service to people of all ages; in many cultures, and with topics of importance on a wide variety of subjects.

The concept was launched in 2000 by David Gittens, with Linda Maree as editor and David Grace as website consultant. It has been sustained over the years by volunteers and through financial and equipment donations by many in the community. With the changes in website technology since its inception dwij.orgis now due for a facelift.

CD Design:

Consulting, ideation, design and production laision with clients who include recording artists, musicians, and sound studios. Depending on reqirements these projects have been simply conceptual in nature with the support of the finest CD manufacturing groups for follow-up through production, audio engeering, printing and CD delivery.

  May my life be fed

    By my heart's


——Sri Chinmoy

Community Projects

click image for gallery

"Only Hearts:"

An art/peace project featuring drawings and wisdom-words of over three thousand Sarasota, Florida students. This project is now being used by educators around the world and can be downloaded into the classroom, community center, or home.

United Nations:

Commission to design and build the NY General Assembly stage set for the United Nations 50th anniversary celebration.


Sarasota 2K, Sarasota, FL:

Concept, design and production of a two-day community healing arts, visual arts, and performance arts festival in Sarasota, Florida; elebrating the millennium from a viewpoint of peacemaking, theater, ritual and ceremony.


Designer and facilitator of an Interactive invention and creativity seminar for Walker Grant Middle School students.p resented by the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innvation at the Garber Facility in Maryland.

Video of the Lemelson program

Interfaith Center:

Concept, designing, scoring and production of the Gift of Spring Easter performance presentation in New York City.


Concept, design, development and construction of a solar heated community shower system in Santa Catarina Palopo, a Mayan village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, CA.

Girls Incorporated:

Design and construction, with Dan Cormany of the Ringling College of Art, a road-portable "Ropes Course" to benefit youngsters in the Sarasota community.

Selby Botanical Gardens:

Designer, producer, of the Marie Selby Garden's Winter Solstice presentation feature at their Lights in Bloom Christmas holiday celebration.

The Giving Tree:

Concept, design and production of a two day community arts, performance, and healing arts festival. Albuquerque, NM.

Government Grant:

Design and implementation of a fund raising project for Mayan schools in Chubruna Puerto, Mexico. Project funded by the Government of  Yucatan.

Institute of Noetic Sciences:

Concept, design, presentation, and facilitator of creativity workshops for this organizations national conference in Florida.

Opening meditation and musical presencing with Tibetan bowls and the debut of Dwij Veena; a 22-string fretless guitar design.

Zia Wings:

Design of Autogyro flight training and flight safety seminars for new and seasoned gyroplane pilots. Albuquerque and Espanola, NM

Smithsonian/Lemelson Center:

Designer and facilitator of a hands-on creativity exploration workshop for middle school teachers at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC

Drum Song:

Research Project: Discovering the benefits and effects of drumming and rhythm on seniors and advanced Alzheimer's patients. Sarasota, FL

Harvest of Gratitude:

Design and production of a multi-cultural arts and entertainment autumn equinox presentation. Highlighting the talents of students and seniors, this event was presented at the Players Theatre and featured a concert by North Indian guitar master Debashish Bhattacharya. Sarasota, FL.

Seamen's Institute:

Creation, design, organization and presentation of a three-day Seamen Institute's Christmas holiday crafts and performance arts festival. Manhattan, NY

World Game Presentation:

Member of steering committee that introduced and facilitated R. Buckminster Fuller's World Game to the Santa Fe, NM community.

Sarasota Florida Global March for Obama/Biden:

Designer and coordinator of promotionals and advertising for the project, and steering committee member. 


Santa Fe Children's Museum:

Concept, design, planning, and construction of the Kinetic Sculpture Donors Mural for the Santa Fe, New Mexico Children's Museum. A feature of the installation was motorized, time phased, components.

Nassau Guardian Newspaper:

Redesigning this newspapers supplement. The creation of a feature segment and article on playground development and its projected impact on Bahamian school children in Nassau.

The Whale School:

Playground design/construction for an alternative school in Albion, CA. Funded in part by the Georgia Pacific Corporation.

Images & Voices of Hope:

Steering committe member and musical presenter at the IVH presentation at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, Sarasota, FL.

The I Am Center:

Designer and coordinator of Talisman, an autumn equinox concert featuring instrumentals, poetry, and vocals. Sarasota, FL.

TEDxSarasota: TEDx+5

Experimental Musical Collaboration:
An improvisational salon presentation bringing together five musicians from diverst musical backgrounds.

Sponsored by New College of Florida

Ureuk World Music House - Grant:

Artist in Residence: South Korean presentation of music and the introduction of the "Only Hearts" Art/Peace project to students in Chungju, South Korea.




Awards and Distinctions

Distinction: Ikenga MK l

1967 - Ikenga MK I, a first auto design collaboration between designer David Gittens and renoun coachbuilder Charlie Williams, was built on a MaLaren MK l chassis powered by a Rover Buick 3.5 engine.

Distinction: Ikenga MK ll

      Rare Video of Ikenga MK II

1968 - Ikenga MK II was featured in a film produced and directed by Mike Margets and Malcolm Hart and was the Car and Driver cover story of April 1969. Designed by David Gittens and constructed by Charles Williams, the MK II vehicle was featured in The London Times Magazine and was debuted in a special exhibit at Harrod's of London in sync with the British Auto Show at Earls Court.

Distinction: Ikenga MK lll

Rare Video of Ikenga MK III

BBC 1976

Getty Images 1978

Motorsport UK Ikenga retrospective

1969 - Ikenga MK III GT motorcar was debuted in a feature program on future concepts in motorcars in October 1969 on BBC's Tomorrow's World television program.

1969 - November introduction of the McLaren based Ikenga MK III GT motorcar to European entusiasts at the Italian International Motor Show in Turin, Italy

1970 - Ikenga MK III - Featured automobile design at the Pico Troberg Swedish International Motor Show, Stockholm, Sweden.

Awards: Ikenga 530Z

Permanent Collection: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

1988 - Debut: Grand Champion Rotorcraft trophy at the 1988 Albuquerque International Air Show in Albuquerque, New Meico.

1988 - Best New Design in Rotorcraft trophy presented at the PRA International Rotorcraft Convention in Middletown, Ohio

1988 - Reserve Grand Champion Rotorcraft trophy presented at the Experimental Aircraft Associations Osh Kosh, 1988 International Air Convention. Osh Kosh, WI.

Award: Ikenga Cygnus 21T

1989 - Grand Champion Rotorcraft plaque awarded to Cygnus 21T at the Albuquerque International Air Show, New Mexico.

Award: Ikenga Cygnus 21TX

1990 - Grand Champion Rotorcraft plaque awarded Cygnus 21TX at the Albuquerque International Air Show, New Mexico.

Distinction: Cygnus 21P1

Debut in Japan: The Ikenga Cygnus 21P1 autogiro was commissioned and built for Sumitomo Heavy Industries as a recreational kit-built aircraft. It was unveiled at the Sky Sports Japan Airshow in Ikegawa, Japan, early November 1989.

Distinction: Ikenga Cygnus 21P2

Permanent exhibit at the G-WIZ Sciene and Tehnology Museum in Sarasota, Florida since 2004, Cygnus 21P2 is the second of two autogiros to be commissioned by Sumitomo Heavy Industries of Japan.

Presentation: Mitsiu. LTD.

Making Dreams Real: A hands-on experential creativity workshop presentation and lecture given to the researchers at the Mitsui Advanced Technology Center in Chiba, Japan.

Exhibit: Ikenga MK lll

McLaren based, 170mph GT. Permanent Collection of Manx Automotive Museum in England. Featured at the 1969 Turin International Motor Show and in 1970 at the Swedish International Motor Show in Stockholm.

Exhibit: Ikenga 530Z

Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Washington, DC. Winner of many awards including; the 1980 Reserve Grand Champion at the Osh Kosh International Air convention, Best New Design in Rotary Wing Aircraft award at the PRA International Convention, and Grand Champion Rotorcraft at the Albuquerque International Air Show.

Award: D.O.G

Dynamic Oscillating Gizmo (DOG): Codesigner and team member. Winner of Santa Fe, New Mexico's first annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Exhibit: Kinetic Donors Mural.

Concept, design and construction of the Donors Mural; a permanent exhibit of the Santa Fe Children's Museum, Santa Fe, NM.


Hand portable transportation invented during the New York City transit strike and featured in the New Yorker Magazine, and the Black Inventors Museum

Manufacturing and feasibility study undertaken with Honda and Act, Inc. of Japan for the distribution of Scootboard's in the United States.


Grant - Artist in Residence:

Six month residency at the Foundation Karolyi  in Vence, France. Mixed media art assemblage exibit of interective 3-D creations based on found and recycled materials.


Recipient of the Cherokee Golden Eagle Feather for community service. Sarasota, FL


Past consultant and illustrator for the Lemelson Center of Invention and Innovation at Washington DC's Smithsonian Institution.


State of Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator; retired.


The Order of Melchizedek

Ordained Priest, Counselor and Wedding Officiant.


Recipient of the Aviation Pioneer plaque for contributions in the field of rotary wing aircraft styling and development.

April 2003: Presenter of A Dream to Fly; A paper on the vision and development of the Ikenga 530Z Autogiro at the International Conference on the Autogiro, Hofstra University, New York.

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