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Out of Egypt - A New Biblical History
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Only Hearts - Art/Peace Project
Ceritomni - Ritual & Ceremony
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Victor LaCerva: Pathways to Peace
Linda Gabriel: On Personal Growth
Steve Olween: Conflict Resolution
Linda Moulton Howe:Future
Marilyn Youngbird: Vision of Peace
Whitham/Nethersole: Relationships
Marlene Resnick: On Parenting
Tina Steele - The Healing Journey
Daniel Haley: Politics in Healthcare

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  David Gittens, Dwij, www., links thousands of people around the globe, Educators, scholars, creators, artists and innovators. The Only Hearts children's art-peace project are features as well as Ikenga aircraft and automobile segments  

Welcome to, a web publication linking people in an educational and insightful manner. Exploring the links on the left you'll meet our contributors; educators, scholars, creators, and innovators whose vision, ideas, and works are impacting Space Ship Earth in a positive way.

Enjoy Discovering our community.

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            Enjoy Visiting my Art Gallery building bridges that educate with heart and insight.

Our creative link-up simply articulates the beauty we are, and the intention of linking our talent with others in this neighborhood, and beyond, to make a difference in the world.

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